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Tips to Keep Your Roof Green Friendly

Roofing contractors are taking more steps to make their projects more eco-friendly, and homeowners everywhere are paying close attention. There are plenty of options for reducing your roof’s environmental footprint. Here are a few of the top green roofing tips according to companies that work on roofing in Charlotte NC.

White Roofs
These are also called cool roofs and are composed of normal roofing materials coated with a white rooting that gives protection from the sun. With a white roof, a home may reduce its energy consumption by more than 30 percent.

Alternative Tile Roof Systems
Tile and metal are the two most popular eco-friendly roofing options. Tile roofs can be built from clay, stone or slate, which are all durable in the face of severe weather and fire. Metal roofs are usually recycled from other metals and reflect more than a third of the sun’s rays. In many places, a metal roof outlasts more conventional forms of roofing.

Solar Panel Roof Systems
Roofing contractors can install solar roof panels to let homeowners enjoy lower energy bills and a reduced reliance on dirty coal power. Many homes save hundreds of dollars a year, and some make extra money by selling surplus power back to local energy providers.

The green roofing tips listed above can help homeowners save money as well as the environment.


Why HardiPlank Siding is a Great Home Investment

Siding replacement projects can seem like a no-win situation. Homeowners are often trapped between two choices: bearing the expense of wood clapboard siding or settling for less desirable vinyl siding. When faced with these two grim options, homeowners would be well-served to consider HardiPlank siding. Many siding contractors, like Southern Home Services, recommend HardiPlank panels as the middle-of-the-road option that combines the appeal of wood siding with the value of vinyl siding.

What Is HardiPlank Siding?
The composition of HardiPlank paneling is what lends it a sturdy structure. HardiPlank panels are classified as fiber-cement siding. As this title implies, HardiPlank is a combination of cellulose fiber and cement. The cement mixture is what makes HardiPlank boards unusually tough.

The Benefits of HardiPlank Panels
By choosing HardiPlank, homeowners benefit from siding that is long-lasting. The cement composition of HardiPlank panels makes them resistant to many costly forms of wear and tear. Since the panels are not solely composed of wood, they are more resistant to humid climates. Since HardiPlank panels are less combustible than vinyl and wood panels, they offer resistance to fires. With lower levels of cellulose fibers, HardiPlank panels are less appetizing to termites and other pests that can chew away at wood siding.

Because of their resistance to typical wear, many manufacturers guarantee these panels for up to fifty years. Homeowners who select HardiPlank panels can save greatly on additional maintenance down the road.

The Aesthetic Appeal of HardiPlank
One major reason that siding contractors recommend HardiPlank panels over vinyl is because of the superior aesthetic quality of HardiPlank. While vinyl siding often has a plastic appearance that is easy to detect, HardiPlank panels mimic the texture of real wood and are less likely to stand out to the casual observer. Because of the subtlety of their texture, HardiPlank panels contribute to the curb appeal of any home.

The moderate price of HardiPlank siding makes it an affordable siding replacement option. The durability, appearance, and value of HardiPlank panels truly distinguishes them from standard wood or vinyl siding.


Moisture Damage May Be Ruining Your Roof

A roof can last a long time without moisture damage, but it can quickly deteriorate when water builds up and causes damage to the wood and other layers. According to Charlotte NC roofers, there are several ways homeowners can check for roof moisture damage and keep it from occurring.

Ventilation Is Essential
When moisture is allowed to sit on roofing materials, it is more likely to cause damage due to consistent swelling and contraction as the roof moistens then dries repeatedly. Eventually, cracks may result. By caulking openings and joints, homeowners can preserve the flexibility of a wood roof and avoid this type of damage.

Interior Signs of Roof Moisture Damage
As moisture builds up inside attics and exterior walls, it might show signs indoors, including paint damage and discoloration of wood. Paint may become blistered and start peeling over time. On boards, brown lines and other marks commonly appear.

Testing for Roof Moisture Damage
A roof can cave in when its layer of felt becomes wet. Wood roof surfaces might look dry while this occurs, but homeowners can test for moisture by scratching across the wood’s grain with a coin. If the pressure causes marks to appear but doesn’t drag wood splinters loose, moisture is present. On the other hand, it’s probably dry if wood fibers are loosened.

Weather Proofing Your Roof
Preventing moisture damage is key to preserving your roof for longer. In the long term, leaks will destroy the protection the roof currently gives you from the elements. If this occurs, your roof will require fast repair or even replacement. To prevent indoor kitchen and bathroom moisture from affecting your roof, use a vapor barrier to keep it dry.

By checking your roof regularly and taking the right precautions, you can enjoy your roof for longer.


Get to Know Roofing Terminology from Our Charlotte Roofers

If a homeowner is going to have their home roof installed, replaced, repaired or renovated by Charlotte roofers, it helps to know some basic roofing terminology. Aside from the fact that it’s just a good idea to have this knowledge, the homeowner will be able to understand what the roofing contractor is talking about and won’t need to ask them to translate it into layman’s terms. Here are a few terms used by many professional roofers, like Southern Home Services:

This is the meeting of two sloping roof surfaces. A ridgeboard is the topmost beam at the peak of a roof. One of the roofing tips to know is to check the shingles over the ridge regularly. They’re often the first to fail.

Roofing Cement
This is a plastic or asphalt based compound that’s used to seal flashing and close up minor leaks in the roof.

These are metal strips that seal junctions between the roofing and other surfaces like chimneys or vents. They’re also used in the valleys between the slopes of the roof.

These are the lower edges of a roof that project beyond the wall.

This is the outside angle of a roof made by the intersection of two sloped sides of the roof.

Other roofing tips are to make sure that debris is cleared regularly from the roof and that tree branches aren’t allowed to touch or even cast too heavy a shadow on the roof.


Top 3 Tips for Winterizing a Roof

The roof of a home is one of the most important and protective elements. It keeps the rain, snow and cold out and the heat or A/C in. It should never be ignored or forgotten. This is especially true in the colder months when rain and snow can cause damage or worsen problems that may already be present. These are some winter roofing tips for every homeowner’s knowledge.

Roof Protection
Before the snow begins to fall or the air starts to get frosty, homeowners need to perform preventative maintenance on the roof. Ideally, the roof should be inspected and maintained periodically throughout the year to prevent problems in the winter when damage could cause the most difficulties. Whether the inspection is done by the homeowner, or by reputable Charlotte NC roofers, is up to the homeowner. If the homeowner does the inspection, he or she should know what indicates a problem.

Broken or chipped shingles will allow moisture to build up in the roof and eventually will rot and collapse the roof. These should be repaired as soon as possible which is why routine inspections are key. Faulty flashing, whether from being mislaid or rusted, needs to be repaired for the first snowfall.

When the home’s roof is inspected, the insulation in the attic and the venting should be checked. Inadequate insulation and ventilation can be a problem in the attic. The home may not be adequately heated without insulation. The heat will escape. Charlotte NC roofers know to check the roof for adequate insulation and can perform this yearly maintenance appraisal.

Snow Removal
The last of the winter roofing tips is snow removal. Snowfall from large storms can build up even when the roof is pitched at an angle. The shape of the roof is supposed to let gravity remove most of the snow and ice. Unfortunately, when there is a large amount of snowfall, the snow can sit on the roof. The weight of it can cause a cave-in. Charlotte NC roofers know how to remove the snow without causing further damage to the roof.

When snow partially melts and then refreezes it causes ice dams to form, these ice dams can break shingles and clog gutters. They can become a real problem that can cause lasting damage to the home. This is a common problem with roofing in Charlotte NC, but professional roofers are equipped to handle it.


Winter Tips to Prevent Roof Damage to Your Home

Winter is the worst time for roads, cars, machines, homes… just about everything exposed to the forces of its cold, even freezing temperatures. In terms of your home, after a winter season, the roof usually ends up in worse shape unless the homeowner takes measures to winterize it. There are different ways to align and attach shingles as well as different equipment and chemicals used to ensure that the roof stays together and our Charlotte NC roofers help educate homeowners protect their roofs with some important winter roofing tips.

Professional roofing service providers make sure that the shingles remain attached. The cold weather elements loosen the adhesives. Every shingle can receive a coat of roofing cement. Using a nail gun is another option. Roofers know how to use hazardous tools better than non-professionals do.

The ice dam is another typical problem caused by cold weather. It is a collection of ice that collects at the end of the roof and prevents melted snow runoff. As a result, parts of the roof become soaked and damaged. The dam is hard to remove because chipping could ruin the roof. Attaching a tape or cable to the edge is one way to get rid of the problem. Heat flows consistently along the edge. Fires have started this way, so using fireproof materials is recommended.

There are numerous ways to winterize a roof. Roofers follow personal safety every time they work in harsh conditions. They work on top of ice for up to an hour. They have to be careful and precise without injuring themselves. They use the shoes, clothing and equipment that amateur roofers lack. One worker could have another one working as a spotter in case of dire assistance. Winter roofing tips cannot be put into effective use if the homeowner is uninformed and inexperienced. Using professional NC roofing services is needed for fast, effective results.


Prevent Ice Dams Before They Ruin Your Roof

Winter is on its way! That means it time to batten the hatches and hunker down on some preventive home maintenance, particularly roofs. While the region is not exactly snow-logged, North Carolina deals with its fair share of icy cold during the winter months. Charlotte NC roofers know and understand what winter can do to a roof. While good, professional roofing in Charlotte NC usually involves installation that inherently protects roofs, there is no guarantee that wintry weather will not inflict some damage to roofs. Cold winter nights produce ice. Sunny winter days melt the ice. Then, the night comes again and repeats the cycle. However, enough of this pattern produces something else that is a bane for roofs everywhere: the dreaded ice dam.

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?
If an ice dam can take residence under a roof, it will. Preventing ice dams is probably the most important of all winter roofing tips and for good reason. Ice dams not only cause damage the roof, but also are dangerous for anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near or beneath one. Charlotte NC roofers can help prevent ice dams by installing protective membranes near the eaves of the roof. Any company that does roofing in Charlotte NC should be able to inform and assist individuals seeking ice dam prevention. In fact, a 2009 International Resident Code (IRC) revised the regulatory standards for asphalt shingle roofs so that protective membranes are automatically inclusive with installation. Individuals sometimes opt for warming cables, but it is best to seek the counsel of a reputable roofing company first.

Winter roofing tips should not be taken lightly. Roofs are the main structural defense of the home. Protecting roofs by preventing ice dams keeps the home safer from the winter elements and spares the homeowner any future repair headaches.


Tips to Protect Your Charlotte Roof from Ice Damage

Harsh winters and weather elements can significantly compromise the durability of the roof. The fall is the most appropriate time to start preparing your roof for the winter. Charlotte roofers serve both residential and commercial customers and offer their professional services in maintaining the integrity of the roofing structures. Roofing contractors will inspect interior and exterior surfaces of the property and provide free estimates for the work to be performed. Every project is completed in a timely manner to ensure safety and security of the house and its inhabitants.

Typical estimate includes identification of any leaks and repair issues. Charlotte roofers will also include removal of fallen leaves and cleaning of the gutters and spouts. Over time, most conventional gutters will clog, bend and crack resulting in severe damages of the roof, walls and foundation due to accumulation of the water. Roofing contractors will remove and replace all faulty gutters with new self-cleaning systems that ensure proper drainage and effortless flow of the water. Trimming of the branches is also addressed. Roofing companies Charlotte NC incorporate all details and complete the assignments quickly and affordably.

During the winter, excess snow can be removed from the roof by the skilled professionals at roofing companies Charlotte NC. This method will prevent accumulation of water and snow and the formation of ice dams. These frozen barriers are created due to fluctuations of temperature and can cause significant problems to the structure of the roof as well as interior damages. Trapped water pools will eventually result in shingle damage, mildew and water leakage. Roofing contractors in Charlotte offer their expertise and innovative techniques to correct these issues and alleviate any problems in the future. Regular annual maintenance is provided by Charlotte roofers. Emergency projects are addressed and completed immediately upon inspection of the house.


How to Determine if You Need a Roof Recover or a Roof Tear Off

For many homeowners, determining what roofing replacement method is best for them can seem a bit daunting. Our expert Charlotte NC roofers at Southern Home Services want to help homeowners understand more about their roofing replacement options and what to expect from that experience.

There are two methods in which a roof can be replaced. The following information should help homeowners to determine which method will work best for them.

  • First, there is the roof recover. This is the less expensive method. The new roof will be installed directly over the existing roof. There will be inconsistencies in the roof that cannot be avoided due to the layering of new roofing material over the old. A roof recover may affect the warranties from roofing material manufacturers. Southern Home Services’ professional Charlotte NC roofers can help homeowners determine if this would be an issue with their roof. Homeowners do need to be aware that a recover is easily detected and this could possibly lead to a slightly lower sales price when placing their home on the market. It is also important to mention that there are state building codes that restrict how many times a roof may be recovered. If a roof has already been recovered two or more times, this option may not be a practical choice.

  • Second, there is the roof tear off. In this method the old roof material is completely removed down to the solid, level surface or sheathing of the roof. This method allows an opportunity for the sheathing to be inspected and any damaged areas to be repaired. The tear off should give the roof a longer life and a consistent base for the new roofing material to be applied. While this method is more expensive, it could prove to be more beneficial in the long run.


Is Your Charlotte Roofing Company Taking Care of Your Roof?

Maintaining your roof is an essential part of owning your home. Several tasks are imperative to make the most of a home investment, and roofs are no exception. Taking care of a roof requires routine maintenance, and many people trust Charlotte NC roofers for the job. If you are paying a roofing company in Charlotte NC to ensure your roof is in great shape, do you check on the work that they do? Because roofing companies charge a premium for their services, it is essential to have an idea of the work that should be done.

Choosing Charlotte NC Roofers

Evaluating a roofing company in Charlotte NC is one way to choose a reliable contractor. One of the first things to consider is the amount of experience that a roofing contractor has. Calling the firm and knowing their customer service approach is another way to find a great roofer. Talking with at least three different companies allows owners to make an informed decision and choose the right Charlotte NC roofers. Verifying how long a contractor has been in business is one way to start, and companies should be asked general questions about their years of experience.

Calling a local contractor gives a lot of insight into the way that a company provides customer satisfaction. Warranties are another important consideration. Most firms back their workmanship with a one-year warranty. Regular maintenance is essential, but not every contractor provides this service.


Reading reviews before hiring a roofing company in Charlotte NC also helps get rid of the firms that do not have a great reputation. Because most reviews are written by consumers who are dissatisfied, it is essential to read what customers say critically.

Know What You Need

Performing research allows you to know what type of roofing material you like and the repairs that may be required with a particular choice. Because roofs protect a home from water damage, it is essential to choose a contractor that is reliable and has the experience to take care of your home.