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How to Determine if You Need a Roof Recover or a Roof Tear Off

For many homeowners, determining what roofing replacement method is best for them can seem a bit daunting. Our expert Charlotte NC roofers at Southern Home Services want to help homeowners understand more about their roofing replacement options and what to expect from that experience.

There are two methods in which a roof can be replaced. The following information should help homeowners to determine which method will work best for them.

  • First, there is the roof recover. This is the less expensive method. The new roof will be installed directly over the existing roof. There will be inconsistencies in the roof that cannot be avoided due to the layering of new roofing material over the old. A roof recover may affect the warranties from roofing material manufacturers. Southern Home Services’ professional Charlotte NC roofers can help homeowners determine if this would be an issue with their roof. Homeowners do need to be aware that a recover is easily detected and this could possibly lead to a slightly lower sales price when placing their home on the market. It is also important to mention that there are state building codes that restrict how many times a roof may be recovered. If a roof has already been recovered two or more times, this option may not be a practical choice.

  • Second, there is the roof tear off. In this method the old roof material is completely removed down to the solid, level surface or sheathing of the roof. This method allows an opportunity for the sheathing to be inspected and any damaged areas to be repaired. The tear off should give the roof a longer life and a consistent base for the new roofing material to be applied. While this method is more expensive, it could prove to be more beneficial in the long run.

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