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Why Is It Important to Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

A high number of factors can be presented when it comes to choosing the right roofing contractor. The question that should first be posed is; who is a ‘right’ contractor? The answer is quite simple: One who is licensed! That leads us to the next logical question in line: Why is a licensed roofing contractor right? We will answer this question as we take a look at the fact why is it so much important to hire a licensed contractor.

First of all, a roofing contractor’s license says a thing or two about them. One is that they have obviously passed the eligibility criteria and that is how they have obtained a contractor’s license. This makes sure that a licensed contractor has ample knowledge and at least some experience in their respective field. Moreover, since licensed roofing contractor has a license, it allows them to get a permit for re-roofing your house. This permit gives you the opportunity to have your roof inspected by a city official who will see whether your roof has been prepared in a way that complies with the mandatory code of roofing. Similarly, your licensed contractor will be legally responsible for your roof that he has built, to pass the code. If your roof is not found up to the code, your contractor will be held liable, so much so that his license can be revoked on account of building roof that is not found to meet the mark of required quality.

Furthermore, before hiring a contractor, ask them to give you a copy of their license. Do not hesitate in doing that as it is your right. If a contractor fails to produce his license, do not hire him. Roofing customers loose a whopping $25 million every year to unlicensed contractors. Do not let yourself become one of them!

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