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10 Ways to Tell If Your Home’s Roof Needs Replacement

With a fast paced life, juggling between work and home, most of us often fail to take a look at our home roof to check for any needed repairs or replacements. However, in order to prevent any bigger damages, this is something we should make a point to check every now and then. Little care and small fixes can save us from bigger expenses down the road. The NRCA or National Roofing Contractors Association advises that you should carry out a roof inspection every 6 months that is once each in spring and in fall.

Experts suggest that a thorough home roof inspection should take two types of factors into consideration; factors related to the interior roof and those to the exterior roof.

Interior of the Roof:
The first place you should start off your search for any potential damages in the roof is from the inside of your house. Once you are in the attic, closely look at the following four factors: 

  1. Look for any places the roof deck might be sagging
  2. See if there are any signs of leaking or water related damage
  3. Evaluate if there are any trails or dark spots in the roof
  4. Look whether the roof is letting in any outside light. There might be holes in the roof at that spot

Once you have thoroughly checked the inside of the house, get out of your attic and start your external inspection.

Exterior of the Roof:
Watch out for one or more of the following factors in order to gauge any damage to your home roof exterior. 

  1. Check whether your roof has cracked or missing shingles
  2. Look for any loose material around the chimneys or wear-n-tear in the penetrations such as pipes and vents
  3. Check the drainage. See to it that all gutters are attached securely and are open, allowing the water to flow freely.
  4. If you find a higher amount of large sand like grains in the gutters, these are shingles granules and this means that your roof is at an advanced stage of damage
  5. Scan your roof for any trapped moisture, mold or rot. These moisture or mold spots may or may not be under the damaged shingles, so look closely
  6. Make sure that all vents from your house go outside the house and do not end into the attic.

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