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Roof Replacement Estimates – What To Look Out For

Roof replacement can be daunting task for many. Whenever we come across a roof replacement task, the first thing we generally look at is cost estimates. While there are consultants and companies out there who can help, but it is always better to get some know-how of what to look for to establish roof replacement estimates so that you are in a better position to carry out and supervise the task. Following are some considerations that will directly or indirectly affect you cost estimates.

1. Partial or full Roof Replacement
Determine the state your roof is in. if it hasn’t been completely worn off and only has parts of it damaged then you may not have to replace the whole roof. However, sometimes the whole roof has to be torn off. This adds to the cost of roof replacement.

2. Number of Roof Layers to be Replaced
Most cities in the US allow up to three roofing layers with asphalt or other shingles. Whether you have to remove only one layer or more is going to affect the roof replacement estimate. At times, there is damage mostly in the lower layers and for that upper layer(s) needs to be taken off too. Keep these factors in mind when preparing an estimate.

3. Cost of Shingles
The type of shingles you are going to use will be a main factor driving your estimate. For example if you are going to use asphalt shingles they are going to cost you much lesser than when you plan to use the heavier architectural shingles. That is because these heavier shingles costs almost double the amount of asphalt ones.

4. Cost of gutters
If there are gutters you need to repair along with your roof then it will add to your roof replacement estimate.

5. Other Preferences
If you want extra durability then you may opt for metal roofs. While these roofs cost a lot more, they have a tendency to last for a much longer time. If you want to later on save on your energy costs, you should invest into good insulation.

These and other considerations will help you get a more accurate estimate for roof replacement.

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