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Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair: 3 Ways to Tell Which One Do You Need

It is common for your roof to contract serious damage overtime. This damage could be due to the weather conditions, malfunctioning of the roofing material or simply wear-n-tear disintegration. Many of these situations and roof conditions can be handled with roof repair and without needing a replacement. However, there are also conditions where repairs won’t do and you will find yourself needing a new roof altogether.

It may not always be easy to tell whether you need a replacement or a repair. Here you will find three ways to determine when you should go for roof replacement vs. roof repair.

1. Keep a check on your home’s interior
The very initial signs of roof damage can be seen in the interior of the buildings. If you are witnessing flaking paint, stains of ceiling, paint discoloration and wall paper that is peeling off, be wary about the condition of your roof. These may be caused by small holes or by cracking shingles. The former and the likes will need only patch up or small repair, while the latter will not be corrected by merely repair. The key is to nip it in the bud. Do not keep waiting until the damage becomes significant. Hire a consultant to draw up an estimate on repairs vs. replacement. Compare the cost of the separate estimates with the expected life of the roof after the treatment. Having compared everything, take an action accordingly. 

2. Know about the life and durability of your roofing material
Different roofing materials need different maintenance and care levels. For example, you need to inspect and treat shingles annually and bi-annually, while PVC doesn’t need almost any maintenance at all. Knowing out your roofing material will let you be in a better position to decide whether an d when it needs a roof repair vs. roof replacement.

3. Age of your current roof
A factor that will be prime in all your decisions regarding roof treatment is the age of your roof. Such as a damaged roof with shingles which is over 20 years old, should rather be replaced vs. a similar roof with an age of less than 15 years. However, do check your roof once to twice every year whether or not it is a certain age.

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