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Get to Know Roofing Terminology from Our Charlotte Roofers

If a homeowner is going to have their home roof installed, replaced, repaired or renovated by Charlotte roofers, it helps to know some basic roofing terminology. Aside from the fact that it’s just a good idea to have this knowledge, the homeowner will be able to understand what the roofing contractor is talking about and won’t need to ask them to translate it into layman’s terms. Here are a few terms used by many professional roofers, like Southern Home Services:

This is the meeting of two sloping roof surfaces. A ridgeboard is the topmost beam at the peak of a roof. One of the roofing tips to know is to check the shingles over the ridge regularly. They’re often the first to fail.

Roofing Cement
This is a plastic or asphalt based compound that’s used to seal flashing and close up minor leaks in the roof.

These are metal strips that seal junctions between the roofing and other surfaces like chimneys or vents. They’re also used in the valleys between the slopes of the roof.

These are the lower edges of a roof that project beyond the wall.

This is the outside angle of a roof made by the intersection of two sloped sides of the roof.

Other roofing tips are to make sure that debris is cleared regularly from the roof and that tree branches aren’t allowed to touch or even cast too heavy a shadow on the roof.

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