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Spring Maintenance To Do List #1

It is hard to believe that Spring will soon be upon us (at least here in Charlotte, NC)! Who wants to spend time working on the house every weekend, when you could be out enjoying a warm, Charlotte day doing something you like to do? This is the first in a 10 part series of suggested maintenance tips for your home. Take the steps now to save money on energy bills this summer and ward off big-ticket repairs down the road.

TO DO LIST ITEM #1: Inspect the AC

For between $75 & $200, you can typically find a technician to tune up your cooling system to manufacturer-rated efficiency – and you won’t sweat the first hot weekend with an out-of-commission air conditioner. Call your electric utility company to see whether it offers incentives. Some contractors may offer discounts early in the season for inspections or for annual maintenance contracts.

Note: Dirty filters make air conditioning work harder, increasing energy costs & possibly damaging your equipment. Contractors will put in new filters during a tune-up, buy you should check monthly to see if they need replacing. High performance filters, which cost $10 to $22 a piece at Home Depot or Lowe’s may need changing less frequently.

Air conditioners draw moisture from interior air, called condensate, which must run off outside. If sediment & algae clog the drains, water may back up, making your home more humid or creating water damage. Technicians will check the drains during a tune-up; if they clean t hem out, it could cost up to $100 or more. If you live in a humid climate like we do here in the southeast, you may want to check & clean them yourself periodically. Odd, but intriguing, this video clip shows as the guide suctions algae from the drain with a wet vac.

If you don’t have an A/C contractor that you currently use, we recommend the contractors that belong to Charlotte Home Team: vetted, proven & local to Charlotte home contractors. Also, check Angie’s List for other consumer rated, trustworthy contractors.

Stay tuned for our next Spring Home Mainteance Tip coming soon!

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