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Tips to Harvest Rain Water from Your Homes Roof

Charlotte, North Carolina gets abundant rain in the spring, fall and winter. Harvesting rain water is a great way to protect property and create a serene oasis in the landscape. The water can also be recycled, and there are several ways that homeowners can conserve this precious resource.

Charlotte NC roofers can assist with an installation, but many homeowners finish projects on their own. One method is to rely on a simple 50-gallon barrel. This can be placed under a downspout and will catch any runoff. A single storm that drops an inch of rain can result in 700 gallons of water runoff. When you are considering roofing companies Charlotte NC experts can assist with rain water diversion projects. The barrel should be covered with a loose screen and lid to keep the interior free of debris and contaminants. Distributing the rain water only requires a simple pump. This is submerged in the barrel and can channel the water through a garden hose.

Charlotte NC roofers offer the following benefits of harvesting rain water:

  • Mosquito prevention. Mosquitoes are abundant in the Charlotte area, and many homeowners stay inside rather than fight swarms of the pesky bugs. Standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, and spring runoffs add to the bugs’ habitat. Rain barrels channel the water to an enclosed place and prevent breeding.
  • Proper drainage: Improper drainage is a serious issue in the Charlotte area. Because there are so many heavy storms, foundations are subject to danger. Running water also destroys landscaping, curbs and sidewalks.
  • Safety: It is imperative to keep a lid on your rain barrel. This will keep out kids, pets and other animals.

If you are considering roofing companies Charlotte NC experts advise harvesting rain water. There are two easy ways for homeowners to capture runoff and conserve it for later use. Barrels or large garbage cans work perfectly, and spigots can be installed on the bottom of the can.

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