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Tips to Keep Your Roof Green Friendly

Roofing contractors are taking more steps to make their projects more eco-friendly, and homeowners everywhere are paying close attention. There are plenty of options for reducing your roof’s environmental footprint. Here are a few of the top green roofing tips according to companies that work on roofing in Charlotte NC.

White Roofs
These are also called cool roofs and are composed of normal roofing materials coated with a white rooting that gives protection from the sun. With a white roof, a home may reduce its energy consumption by more than 30 percent.

Alternative Tile Roof Systems
Tile and metal are the two most popular eco-friendly roofing options. Tile roofs can be built from clay, stone or slate, which are all durable in the face of severe weather and fire. Metal roofs are usually recycled from other metals and reflect more than a third of the sun’s rays. In many places, a metal roof outlasts more conventional forms of roofing.

Solar Panel Roof Systems
Roofing contractors can install solar roof panels to let homeowners enjoy lower energy bills and a reduced reliance on dirty coal power. Many homes save hundreds of dollars a year, and some make extra money by selling surplus power back to local energy providers.

The green roofing tips listed above can help homeowners save money as well as the environment.

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