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Tips to Safely Inspect Your Roof

We all know a home’s roof keeps the elements from penetrating the inside of a house and we all know that those roofs do wear out over time, which is why it is recommended by most roofing experts to have a roof inspected at least twice a year. Rotten wood, leaky shingles and sun damage all combine to pose potential problems and the inspections should ideally take place in the spring and fall because the temperature is usually moderate and weather tends to be mild at these times of the year. Here are some roof inspection tips from NC roofing company, Southern Home Services:

1. Never Inspect A Roof Alone
Roof inspections are dangerous. Having a partner, whether a spouse, fellow professional or friend, helps to lessen the risk of accidents. Falling off and sustaining a serious injury is always the biggest risk according to Charlotte roofers.

2. Roofing Materials
Knowing what materials make up a roof will aid in the inspection. Some materials, such as foam, slate or terracotta, are fragile and can easily break under a person’s weight. Fortunately, most roofs are made of sturdy materials like wood shakes or metal. Roofing companies Charlotte NC can help a homeowner determine the composition of his roof.

3. Tools
Obviously, a ladder is the most basic tool, but other ones also come in handy. Charlotte roofers always use harnesses, which anchor a roofer and provide total safety while he is working. Roofing companies Charlotte NC also have special hammers and nails they use to patch up any damage.

4. Call The Professionals
No matter how many roof inspection tips the homeowner learns, sometimes the professionals are simply the best option. A professional roof inspector will typically have years of experience with multiple types of roofs. Contacting a roofing company can save money by preventing costly mistakes if the homeowner is of a do-it-yourself persuasion.

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