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Tips to Taking Care of Your Home’s Siding

No matter how sturdy or expensive your home siding is, it still needs to be taken care of in order to survive for a long time. You must have experienced or seen many sidings that get withered away within a couple of years; while there yet others that go on and on for years. More often than not, the main difference is that of proper maintenance. If a siding is not rightly cared of, it will decay sooner than later, no matter how expensive it was.

To save you the mental stress, effort and money for siding repair or maintenance, we will discuss few tips here on how to take great care of your sidings.

  1. Always check your home siding at the beginning and the end of every season.
  2. Also check it after any harsh weather condition such as a storm
  3. Whenever you find any damage in your sidings, whether during your routine inspection, or by chance, immediately set about correcting it. Delaying is the worst you can do in the wake of such a problem.
  4. Regardless of the type of siding you have, regularly clean it with warm water mixed with soap, using a soft bristle brush.
  5. Afterwards rinse the home siding with plain water
  6. Watch out for cracked caulk that has damaged over time. See if it has left gaps on the surface by pulling away from it. If that is the case, repair it immediately.
  7. Do not forget to check for any chipped off wood, cracks, boards that are crumbling etc.
  8. Keep your homes siding in a good condition by repainting it occasionally and it is recommended to use high quality paint.
  9. Clean mildew with water diluted bleach or a low potency one
  10. Repair your damaged mortar with nice fresh mortar
  11. Do away with efflorescence by using vinegar water.
  12. Keep the moisture away by sealing it with a good quality sealer
  13. If you think that you’re not great at home improvement stuff, hire professional help

By taking care of your home siding, you will make it last longer and thus will keep your expenses in check.

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