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Top 3 Tips for Winterizing a Roof

The roof of a home is one of the most important and protective elements. It keeps the rain, snow and cold out and the heat or A/C in. It should never be ignored or forgotten. This is especially true in the colder months when rain and snow can cause damage or worsen problems that may already be present. These are some winter roofing tips for every homeowner’s knowledge.

Roof Protection
Before the snow begins to fall or the air starts to get frosty, homeowners need to perform preventative maintenance on the roof. Ideally, the roof should be inspected and maintained periodically throughout the year to prevent problems in the winter when damage could cause the most difficulties. Whether the inspection is done by the homeowner, or by reputable Charlotte NC roofers, is up to the homeowner. If the homeowner does the inspection, he or she should know what indicates a problem.

Broken or chipped shingles will allow moisture to build up in the roof and eventually will rot and collapse the roof. These should be repaired as soon as possible which is why routine inspections are key. Faulty flashing, whether from being mislaid or rusted, needs to be repaired for the first snowfall.

When the home’s roof is inspected, the insulation in the attic and the venting should be checked. Inadequate insulation and ventilation can be a problem in the attic. The home may not be adequately heated without insulation. The heat will escape. Charlotte NC roofers know to check the roof for adequate insulation and can perform this yearly maintenance appraisal.

Snow Removal
The last of the winter roofing tips is snow removal. Snowfall from large storms can build up even when the roof is pitched at an angle. The shape of the roof is supposed to let gravity remove most of the snow and ice. Unfortunately, when there is a large amount of snowfall, the snow can sit on the roof. The weight of it can cause a cave-in. Charlotte NC roofers know how to remove the snow without causing further damage to the roof.

When snow partially melts and then refreezes it causes ice dams to form, these ice dams can break shingles and clog gutters. They can become a real problem that can cause lasting damage to the home. This is a common problem with roofing in Charlotte NC, but professional roofers are equipped to handle it.

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