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What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your Roof

Having a tree fall on their house is something people seldom think of. Most often it happens during a storm, yet when surrounded by old trees it can happen anytime. People are usually shocked and not thinking of what to do first. Keeping the phone number of trusted Charlotte NC roofers handy is a good idea. After assessing any damage to personal belongings, it is best to call a professional roofing company Charlotte NC.

Many homeowners may assume that any damage to their property caused by a fallen tree will always be covered by their insurance policy. It may or may not be covered, depending if the insurance company required additional hazard coverage for wind and storm damage. Sometimes insurance companies claim negligence on the part of the homeowner and refuse to pay. An insurance agent should be able to explain what is covered or not.

Being pro-active by keeping nearby trees trimmed is a good idea. Planting tall trees away from the house will minimize the chances of a tree falling close enough to do any damage. Charlotte NC roofers can inspect the property and let homeowners know if trees could cause damage.

Experienced roof replacement Charlotte professionals are able to work directly with insurance companies to get the damage taken care of. Even if only part of the roof appears to be damaged, there might be internal damage to the entire roof. Usually roofing company Charlotte NC inspectors can examine the entire home and decide if a complete roof replacement Charlotte is needed.

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