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Prevent Ice Dams Before They Ruin Your Roof

Winter is on its way! That means it time to batten the hatches and hunker down on some preventive home maintenance, particularly roofs. While the region is not exactly snow-logged, North Carolina deals with its fair share of icy cold during the winter months. Charlotte NC roofers know and understand what winter can do to a roof. While good, professional roofing in Charlotte NC usually involves installation that inherently protects roofs, there is no guarantee that wintry weather will not inflict some damage to roofs. Cold winter nights produce ice. Sunny winter days melt the ice. Then, the night comes again and repeats the cycle. However, enough of this pattern produces something else that is a bane for roofs everywhere: the dreaded ice dam.

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?
If an ice dam can take residence under a roof, it will. Preventing ice dams is probably the most important of all winter roofing tips and for good reason. Ice dams not only cause damage the roof, but also are dangerous for anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near or beneath one. Charlotte NC roofers can help prevent ice dams by installing protective membranes near the eaves of the roof. Any company that does roofing in Charlotte NC should be able to inform and assist individuals seeking ice dam prevention. In fact, a 2009 International Resident Code (IRC) revised the regulatory standards for asphalt shingle roofs so that protective membranes are automatically inclusive with installation. Individuals sometimes opt for warming cables, but it is best to seek the counsel of a reputable roofing company first.

Winter roofing tips should not be taken lightly. Roofs are the main structural defense of the home. Protecting roofs by preventing ice dams keeps the home safer from the winter elements and spares the homeowner any future repair headaches.

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