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For Charlotte siding replacement, Southern Home Services is a proven choice. Experienced in replacing both vinyl siding and James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding. There are new products on the market that can keep your home’s exterior low maintenance, while also decreasing your energy costs with the proper underlayment. As a Charlotte siding contractor that strives for customer satisfaction and repeat business due to referrals, we don’t cut corners on the details, such as what goes under the siding!


For 10 years in a row, Remodeling magazine has ranked residing your home with fiber cement siding the #1 return on investment for jobs >$1200. The magazine has conducted the study since 1988 and compares construction costs for remodeling projects with the value they add to a home at resale in the current real estate market. 2005 was the first year they evaluated fiber cement siding replacement, and maintaining its position at the top of the list is a clear marker of the value it provides to homeowners.

pref-remodelSHS completes the annual training program offered by James Hardie pertaining to general installation requirements, critical to quality requirements, and a review of current best practices. We are proud to be a preferred contractor of James Hardie installing America’s #1 brand of siding. Check out our profile here.


  • Residing with fiber cement gives a 31% better return than adding a bathroom and costs $61k less to complete.
  • Minor kitchen remodel gives you a 10% less return on investment than re-siding with fiber cement.
  • Adding a second story addition nets you 23% less return on investment than fiber cement re-siding.

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