The good side of being in the solar business is helping customers reduce their electricity bills, save money in the long term, and protect themselves against blackouts (with an optional battery).  The bad side is being associated with an industry that has frequently misled customers about the cost/benefit of solar.


Unfortunately, there are a growing number of reports of customers who are dissatisfied with solar.  From solar companies going out of business and leaving customers stranded (Pink Energy/Power Home Solar), to solar companies oversizing systems in order to maximize their sales, there are many examples of solar companies doing a disservice to their customers.

 Our Commitment to Solar

At SHS our customers come first.  We never oversize a system, and we are always transparent about the cost/benefit of solar.

 The good news is that solar – provided by a local, reputable company like SHS – can still save many homeowners tens of thousands versus buying from the grid. Give us a call and let our team of HONEST PROFESSIONALS give you free and unbiased advice on your eligibility for solar.