Not all roofing companies and contractors are the same, which is why it is so important that homeowners understand what to look for when choosing someone to work on their roofs. The wrong company may use inferior products, not complete the job within the time frame given, or go way over the estimate given to the  homeowners in the beginning. Prior to hiring anyone to even set foot on their roof, homeowners should do a little research and learn more about the company. There are certain things they will want to look for to ensure they hire the best person for the job.

One thing they will want to look for is whether the Charlotte roofing company has any partnerships in place with major manufacturers. GAF has a program where it certifies certain companies and gives those companies the right to offer all its products with a longer warranty. CertainTeed has a similar program in place. The manufacturer only approved a small number of companies in North Carolina, but its seal of approval ensures that homeowners will be working with contractors who have the most experience installing CertainTeed products, and that all work and products come with a dependable warranty.

Homeowners will also want to look at the background and general experience of the company. They need to know that the contractors can install specific products and that they understand the best way of installing those items. If a home needs new flashing, the company should have experience using flashing cement to keep the flashing around the chimney or edge of the roof in place. Looking into the background of a company also helps homeowners determine whether the company had any financial issues in the recent past. Judgments and liens against a company from former customers is a clear sign of a poor company.

The best way for homeowners to get a feel for a company is with a simple consultation. The consultation takes place in the home and allows the contractors some time to check out the roof, make a list of all problems they uncover, and write up an estimate. Homeowners can then meet with the contractors to talk about the estimate, find out if the estimate includes both the labor and supplies, and discover what products the company works with on local homes. Some companies have deals that only let them install products from specific manufacturers, but other companies can install, replace, and repair products from many of the top roofing supplies manufacturers in the world.