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Aluminum-Clad Windows

Aluminum-Clad Window Installation

Are you planning a window replacement project? Taking out your old windows and installing new ones in their place is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and boost your curb appeal in the process. Have you considered installing aluminum-clad windows in your home? If not, you’re in the perfect place to learn more about them and why they could be a great option for your needs. 

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What Are Aluminum-Clad Windows?

So, what exactly are aluminum-clad windows? These frames have a solid wood core, just like traditional wooden window frames. However, for added durability, they also feature extruded aluminum cladding that covers the frame for added protection. 

Aluminum-clad windows also feature a heavy-duty vinyl liner, which helps to prevent water from accumulating in your window frame. The result is a classic, beautiful window frame that complements just about any home style.

The word “cladding” references the exterior protective layer that encases the frame of a wood window.

There are several different cladding materials available, like fiberglass and vinyl cladding. However, aluminum cladding is one of the most popular options available, especially for Charlotte-area homeowners like the ones we work with every day.

Benefits of Aluminum-Clad Windows

There are plenty of reasons to love aluminum-clad windows for your replacement project. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits of choosing this window type. 

  • Durability: The extruded aluminum on these windows provides excellent structural integrity, making them a durable option for your home. The aluminum cladding not only helps protect against weather damage, but also helps prevent decay, rot, and pest damage.
  • Home value: If you want to make a smart investment in your home that could potentially help you get more money should you decide to sell it, you can’t go wrong with aluminum-clad windows. Because of their durability and aesthetics, aluminum-clad windows are a popular feature that stands out to potential buyers.
  • Energy efficiency: Did you know that replacing your windows can help you start saving on your energy costs almost instantly? Since wood is a non-conductive material, these window frames help keep hot and cold air out of your home. This, combined with the durable aluminum cladding helps to maintain a more consistent temperature without excess strain on your HVAC system.

Aluminum-Clad Window Styles and Designs

If you choose aluminum-clad windows for your replacement, there is no shortage of options available to you. These windows are available in countless colors, with everything ranging from classic neutrals to eye-popping shades, so you’re sure to find something you love. 

Beyond color, these windows also come in almost every style imaginable, including the following: 

  • Single-hung
  • Double-hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Sliding
  • And more!

Compared to some other window frames, aluminum-clad windows tend to be slimmer, so there is plenty of glass area for you to enjoy the view outside your home. 

Why Choose SHS Pros?

When planning your vinyl, fiberglass, oraluminum-clad window installation, choosing the right contractor for the job is of the utmost importance. When you hire our experts at SHS Pros, you’ll quickly notice that we operate differently than other contractors. 

For starters, we believe that no detail should go overlooked, regardless of the scope of your project. Whether you want to replace one broken window in your home or you need new windows throughout, you’ll receive the same level of customer service and craftsmanship from our crew. 

We also believe that our job isn’t finished unless you’re completely satisfied. Work with us to see the SHS Pros difference firsthand!

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Aluminum-Clad Window FAQs

What is the best way to clean aluminum-clad windows?

To keep your aluminum-clad windows in good shape over the years, we recommend cleaning the frames with a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and using a glass cleaner and soft cloth for the glass surfaces. Then, use a cloth to dry the windows, removing water from the hinges, glass, and frame. 

Will my aluminum-clad windows rust? 

Compared to some other window frame materials, aluminum-clad windows are more susceptible to rust. However, proper installation, care, and maintenance can help prevent it from forming.