A home’s roof is a system of different products working together. Each piece of this system relies upon the other pieces to perform correctly. When a breakdown in the roofing system occurs, it has the potential to damage other areas and to be quite costly. When homeowners are aware of these common roof problems, they can help prevent them and this will decrease any damages that could potentially happen. This will also help them to understand what their Charlotte roofing contractor might be talking to them about concerning their roof.

Ice buildup in the wintertime is known as an ice dam. This is a common problem during the snowy season as snow melts down from the top of the roof and freezes again where the roof overhangs and is cooler. Here, water can back up into the house underneath the roofing materials and cause much damage. This is problematic because the roof is made to shed water and keep water flowing in a downward direction to its gutters and away from the home. With proper ventilation, insulation, and under-layment, ice dams can be avoided. The area surrounding the chimney can also be problematic, especially older chimneys. Many were built without a saddle ( a small roof behind it that sheds water to its sides) which causes water to collect in the back.

If a chimney is missing its saddle, the good news is one can be installed. Flashing around the chimney can also rust, come loose, and not fit right in the first place, causing leaks. Siding and windows can also be common areas that contribute to a leaking roof. When having a professional roof inspection done, homeowners should be sure that these areas are included. The roof deck is the base of the entire roofing system. It is an extremely important part and should be completely inspected when the roof is being replaced. Any damaged areas should be replaced immediately.

The drip edge, also referred to by professional roofing contractors as ODE, is  critical to the proper drainage of water from the roof. It allows water to shed away from the edges of the roof. These areas should also be professionally inspected and cleaned or replaced as necessary. Valleys of the roof are particular problem areas as well. Large amounts of water converse in these areas during a rainstorm and can cause mechanical damage to the shingles. It is especially important that these areas were installed correctly and that they are kept free of debris.