Old siding can reduce the curbside appeal of a home and decrease its value, too. Shawn Kalgren, the owner of Southern Home Services LLC, recommends that homeowners consider replacing their siding when they notice significant signs of wear and tear. Though some home renovations add only a small amount of value to the property and fail to give homeowners a good return on their investments, many individuals receive a large amount back after replacing old siding and selling their homes later.

Southern Home Services LLC specializes in the installation of both vinyl siding and siding from James Hardie. Vinyl siding requires little with regards to maintenance, especially in comparison to wood siding. It comes in a range of different color options, and manufacturers now add chemical sealants that protect the vinyl from the harmful and damaging rays of the sun. Homeowners can rest assured that the material won’t fade, even after years of exposure.

James Hardie siding, also known as Hardie siding or fiber cement siding, consists of a durable cement core board with fiber cement added over the top. This creates a type of siding that can last for twice as long as other materials. Like vinyl siding, Hardie siding comes in a range of color choices, including bolder and darker shades and lighter, more neutral colors.

The contractors working for Southern Home Services LLC can easily install siding on a brick home or another home that has never had siding, but they also have the experience necessary to replace outdated, broken or damaged siding with new pieces. Vinyl siding features two different ends that snap together in place on the home. Whether installing vinyl or Hardie siding, contractors will ensure that the home features end pieces that keep the siding from slipping or otherwise moving.

Homeowners may also turn to the company for help repairing damaged siding after a storm. Strong winds can shake the siding and lead to the individual panels breaking away from the house. Those who opt for fiber cement or vinyl siding may notice cracks forming and find themselves dealing with water damage due to leaks located inside the walls. Southern Home Services LLC and Kalgren suggest homeowners make an appointment and let contractors determine the severity of the damage. Replacing one broken section of siding is far more affordable than replacing an entire wall.