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Tips to Finding a Reliable and Professional Charlotte Roofer

The roof is arguably the most important component of a house. Without a sturdy, insulated, leak proof roof a house is just about impossible to live in. So it’s to the Charlotte homeowner’s advantage to look for reliable roofing companies in Charlotte NC.

There are many places that a homeowner can look. They can start by asking their neighbors the names of the roofing contractors they used and whether or not they were satisfied with them. They can look up roofing companies Charlotte NC listed in local, reputable building and construction societies and professional organizations. Contractors who belong to these organizations tend to be a bit more conscientious because they want to preserve their good name and reputation. The homeowner can also look up Charlotte roofers in the Yellow Pages, on social media or on-line. They can contact the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce or ask their real estate agent for the names of some good roofing contractors.

At the end the homeowner should have a list of Charlotte roofers who come highly recommended. They should invite them to the home for a consultation and a cursory look at the roof, then ask them some questions. One of the first questions to ask is if the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. If they’re not, the homeowner should thank them for their time and send them back.

But if the roofer is licensed, bonded and insured the homeowner should ask how long they’ve been in business and how many roofs have they repaired or installed that are like the homeowner’s. All roofs aren’t the same and they’ll have different repair and maintenance needs depending on the materials they’re made out of and even if they’re pitched or flat. The homeowner should ask if it’s possible to see some of the work that they’ve done. If the contractor refuses they too should be thanked for their time and shown the door.

After the interviews the homeowner might compare notes and put the job out for bid, or they might be so impressed with one roofer that they simply choose them. They should then work out a written and extremely detailed contract and prepare themselves for a noisy, messy, but well done job.

Home Remodeling

Hey DIY’ers… Be Careful!

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) remodeling projects are great for handy homeowners who like to take care of their own home. DIY jobs can repair old things, add new features to a living space or perform remodeling projects. The DIY route can be more affordable than paying a professional Charlotte NC general contractor like Shawn Kalgreen’s team at Southern Home Services, but it is not always the best idea.

It is quite understandable that homeowners want to improve their property for minimal costs, and DIY projects may seem like a great choice. There is a downside to this, and most homeowners neglect that the tools they need to finish a job are quite expensive. Often, buying the tools for a job is more expensive than trusting general contractors in Charlotte NC. In addition, many homeowners end up with injuries as a result of DIY projects.

General contractors in Charlotte NC are also experienced with lead, asbestos and other dangers that may be in a home. These substances are commonly encountered in remodeling projects, and they can be lethal. Before attempting DIY remodeling jobs, it is essential to have a home evaluated by a reliable Charlotte NC general contractor. Breathing toxic fumes may save you money in the short term, but it can also cost you a lot in the long run.

Saving money is the major benefit of DIY projects, but what happens when mistakes occur? Even minor construction materials are expensive, and cutting a single piece of lumber to the wrong size can be costly. Contractors in Charlotte NC work with home improvement projects every day, and their employees usually make fewer mistakes than inexperienced homeowners. Some homeowners start small jobs, and they end up turning the project over to a professional in the end. Many DIYers end up spending more money, and general contractors in Charlotte NC are more than willing to help before mistakes are made.


Tips to Safely Inspect Your Roof

We all know a home’s roof keeps the elements from penetrating the inside of a house and we all know that those roofs do wear out over time, which is why it is recommended by most roofing experts to have a roof inspected at least twice a year. Rotten wood, leaky shingles and sun damage all combine to pose potential problems and the inspections should ideally take place in the spring and fall because the temperature is usually moderate and weather tends to be mild at these times of the year. Here are some roof inspection tips from NC roofing company, Southern Home Services:

1. Never Inspect A Roof Alone
Roof inspections are dangerous. Having a partner, whether a spouse, fellow professional or friend, helps to lessen the risk of accidents. Falling off and sustaining a serious injury is always the biggest risk according to Charlotte roofers.

2. Roofing Materials
Knowing what materials make up a roof will aid in the inspection. Some materials, such as foam, slate or terracotta, are fragile and can easily break under a person’s weight. Fortunately, most roofs are made of sturdy materials like wood shakes or metal. Roofing companies Charlotte NC can help a homeowner determine the composition of his roof.

3. Tools
Obviously, a ladder is the most basic tool, but other ones also come in handy. Charlotte roofers always use harnesses, which anchor a roofer and provide total safety while he is working. Roofing companies Charlotte NC also have special hammers and nails they use to patch up any damage.

4. Call The Professionals
No matter how many roof inspection tips the homeowner learns, sometimes the professionals are simply the best option. A professional roof inspector will typically have years of experience with multiple types of roofs. Contacting a roofing company can save money by preventing costly mistakes if the homeowner is of a do-it-yourself persuasion.


Tips to Harvest Rain Water from Your Homes Roof

Charlotte, North Carolina gets abundant rain in the spring, fall and winter. Harvesting rain water is a great way to protect property and create a serene oasis in the landscape. The water can also be recycled, and there are several ways that homeowners can conserve this precious resource.

Charlotte NC roofers can assist with an installation, but many homeowners finish projects on their own. One method is to rely on a simple 50-gallon barrel. This can be placed under a downspout and will catch any runoff. A single storm that drops an inch of rain can result in 700 gallons of water runoff. When you are considering roofing companies Charlotte NC experts can assist with rain water diversion projects. The barrel should be covered with a loose screen and lid to keep the interior free of debris and contaminants. Distributing the rain water only requires a simple pump. This is submerged in the barrel and can channel the water through a garden hose.

Charlotte NC roofers offer the following benefits of harvesting rain water:

  • Mosquito prevention. Mosquitoes are abundant in the Charlotte area, and many homeowners stay inside rather than fight swarms of the pesky bugs. Standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, and spring runoffs add to the bugs’ habitat. Rain barrels channel the water to an enclosed place and prevent breeding.
  • Proper drainage: Improper drainage is a serious issue in the Charlotte area. Because there are so many heavy storms, foundations are subject to danger. Running water also destroys landscaping, curbs and sidewalks.
  • Safety: It is imperative to keep a lid on your rain barrel. This will keep out kids, pets and other animals.

If you are considering roofing companies Charlotte NC experts advise harvesting rain water. There are two easy ways for homeowners to capture runoff and conserve it for later use. Barrels or large garbage cans work perfectly, and spigots can be installed on the bottom of the can.


What To Consider In A Roof Warranty

Homeowners who are contacting different Charlotte NC roofers today understand fully how expensive replacing their home’s roof is. While your roof may require replacement today, you do not want to repeat the process of replacing your roof again in the future until absolutely necessary. With this in mind, you may consider researching the roof warranty in Charlotte that is offered through different local roofing companies. Each roofing company Charlotte NC will offer a different warranty of the roof, and the warranty can pay for some repairs that are needed to a roof, enabling you to get the most out of your new roof purchase. When working with Charlotte NC roofers for new roof installation, consider these points.

Warranty Coverage
One factor to consider when reviewing a roof warranty in Charlotte is the coverages of the warranty. Some warranties may only cover the replacement of materials, but they may not cover labor costs. Others may cover a percentage of labor costs, or they may cover all materials and labor costs for repairs during the warranty period.

The Responsible Party
If a warranty is offered by a roofing company Charlotte NC, you want to consider if the warranty work can be completed by a roofing company other than the one that originally installed the roof. Some warranties specifically state who the responsible party will be for completing the work, but keep in mind that roofing companies can go out of business. If a responsible party is listed, make sure that the company has an established history of serving the local community.

Your Own Requirements
Many warranties on roofs require homeowners to be involved in the care and maintenance of their roof, and failure to follow through on these efforts can negate or nullify the warranty. Read the fine print, and pay attention to requirements for a roof to receive specific inspections, maintenance and more on a regular basis.

All roofing warranties are not the same. In order to find the best warranty available and to enjoy the maximum benefit from it, pay attention to these factors.


What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your Roof

Having a tree fall on their house is something people seldom think of. Most often it happens during a storm, yet when surrounded by old trees it can happen anytime. People are usually shocked and not thinking of what to do first. Keeping the phone number of trusted Charlotte NC roofers handy is a good idea. After assessing any damage to personal belongings, it is best to call a professional roofing company Charlotte NC.

Many homeowners may assume that any damage to their property caused by a fallen tree will always be covered by their insurance policy. It may or may not be covered, depending if the insurance company required additional hazard coverage for wind and storm damage. Sometimes insurance companies claim negligence on the part of the homeowner and refuse to pay. An insurance agent should be able to explain what is covered or not.

Being pro-active by keeping nearby trees trimmed is a good idea. Planting tall trees away from the house will minimize the chances of a tree falling close enough to do any damage. Charlotte NC roofers can inspect the property and let homeowners know if trees could cause damage.

Experienced roof replacement Charlotte professionals are able to work directly with insurance companies to get the damage taken care of. Even if only part of the roof appears to be damaged, there might be internal damage to the entire roof. Usually roofing company Charlotte NC inspectors can examine the entire home and decide if a complete roof replacement Charlotte is needed.


Charlotte NC Roofers May Use Metal Roofing Solutions

Homeowners are sure to benefit when they let qualified Charlotte NC roofers install metal panels on their home roofs. These products are more affordable than ever, and experienced contractors offer a number of color and style choices for their clients. When looking for a roofing company, Charlotte NC experts can offer several advantages. These pros have access to quality materials and labor power. They can inspect homes to check for damage. Sometimes, there may be minor issues that need to be fixed before a new roof can be installed.

When a homeowner is looking for Charlotte roof replacement contractors, there a some key areas to consider. These firms usually offer a number of different materials. Metal panels are a great choice, and there are several advantages that this material lends the home. Steel is resistant to natural calamities such as storms and fires. The finished roof is durable and will last for years with little routine maintenance. Steel panels also improve the resale value of a home and are a great choice for owners who are considering a sale.

There are plenty of different styles and colors of metal panels, and when a person is considering a roofing company, the pros are ready to help. Most firms have access to computerized drafting programs. These are an ideal way to preview how a home will look with a new metal roof.

Charlotte NC roofers can help homeowners with any roof repair or roof replacement project. There are several advantages to metal panels, and this material is quickly gaining market share. It is incredibly durable and designed for life. It also is made to withstand the worst weather and holds up far better than other products. Homeowners are sure to benefit when they choose a professional to handle their roofing project.


Maintain Your Roof with These Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter cleaning isn’t high on most people’s list of favorite things to do. Even so, it is a necessity for keeping a roof in good condition. Properly-maintained gutters allow for the proper drainage of water from the roof and therefore prevent rot from setting in. Here are some gutter cleaning tips brought to you by Charlotte NC roofers.

The most important thing to pay attention to is ladder safety. Even though a roof is expensive to replace, your own body is worth more. To make sure you don’t replace roofing costs with hospital bills, follow these steps to reduce your chance of falling. Always lean your ladder against the house rather than the gutters. Gutters can’t hold the weight of a person. Make sure your ladder’s feet are on solid ground that is free of oil, mud or wet leaves. This will help prevent the ladder from slipping out from under you.

For another kind of safety, Charlotte NC roofers recommend wearing good gloves. This is because bacteria and other microbes live in gutter debris. Gloves help to prevent infection.

The job itself starts with removing the dead leaves and other debris from the gutters. You can use your gloved hands or some type of trowel for this part of the job.

Roofing companies in Charlotte NC recommend that you next check the downspout for clogs. This is done running water from a hose down all of the spouts. If one is clogged, a plumber’s snake will take care of the problem. Be careful with the snake since downspouts are made of thin metal that can bend or be punctured.

Finally, rinse the gutters with a hose. Work towards the drains to wash any remaining matter down and out.

With these gutter cleaning tips, you should be able to complete the job without much trouble. If you don’t feel like doing all of this work yourself, ask your favorite roofing companies in Charlotte NC for help.


Top 10 Ways To Tell If You Need A New Roof

As homeowners, we rarely look at our roof, but the truth is the roof is probably the most significant part any exterior structure; this includes your home and garage. It protects the inside of your house, your family and all your belongings from the elements. So, it’s essential that the roof of a home be kept in good shape and regularly maintained. Here’s the top ten ways you can tell if it’s time to think about replacing your roof.

  1. How old is your roof? If it’s 15 years or older, it may be time to have it looked at by a professional roofing contractor.
  2. Are there portions of the roof covered with pine needles and other debris? This buildup can cause areas of the roof to deteriorate.
  3. When looking at your roof, can you see any missing or damaged shingles? Is there excessive algae growth or moss on the roof? Is the flashing bent or torn? These are all obvious signs that your roof needs attention.
  4. Are there any signs of rot or mold along the edge of the roof or along the eves? Water can get under the shingles and travel down to the lowest part of the roof.
  5. Does the roof sag? If you stand back and look at the line of your roof the ridge should follow a straight line. If it has a saddle back or sag in the middle it may mean there’s structural damage to the roof.
  6. Check the gutters for pieces of shingles or the sand-like granules that are used as a top coat. This is usually a sign that the shingles are deteriorating.
  7. Have you noticed any blistering of ceiling paint or unusual stains on the wall? Water from a leaky roof and follow beams and get between walls showing up on the interior of your home.
  8. Is there daylight showing through the roof? Sometimes it may be due to nails working their way out of the roofing material or it may be something more serious such as missing shingles and sheathing.
  9. Look for missing shingles or damaged flashing around chimneys and vents. Sometimes the caulking material under the flashing dries out and allows water to seep underneath.
  10. If you notice dark streaks or other signs of leaks in the attic it means that water is getting in. This is usually due to missing or broken shingles or a broken seal under the flashing along the edge of the roof or around a vent pipe.



Receive Expert Advice on Siding Replacement for Your Home

Are you looking at your siding and seeing major discoloration, picking up chunks of material and tired of termites? Admit it, your existing siding is rotting, swelling, buckling and damaging the structure of your home.

At Southern Home Services, your Charlotte siding replacement experts, we work every day to help you weatherproof your home while saving you money. You deserve the best value for your hard-earned dollars, and we are happy to provide you with valuable remodeling tips.

This week we’re offering 3 tips on siding replacement with James Hardie® Fiber Cement products:

Choose Siding That Will Last
Southern Home Services offers James Hardie® Fiber Cement siding, which comes with a 30-year nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty.  James Hardie® siding products with ColorPlus® Technology can provide peace of mind post-purchase.  You’ll avoid demanding and expensive maintenance cycles associated with wood siding, which means more free time for your family and cost savings for your pocket. This siding can be easily painted and will hold paint three times longer than wood siding, serving your home best in Charlotte and North Carolina’s weather.

Choose Value Over Cost
James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding may be more expensive than regular wood or vinyl siding, but it’s definitely worth your buck. For the seventh year in a row, re-siding your home with James Hardie® provides the No. 1 return on investment. It has been proven that new James Hardie® Siding gives you a solid 80-percent return on your investment, which is more than a roof replacement, bathroom remodeling or even replacing your windows.

Select a Contractor Who Shares Your Vision
There are many siding companies and installers in North Carolina, and Charlotte in particular; however, it is hard to find a contractor who will incorporate your vision and provide exceptional installation service like we do. Southern Home Services has a true love for workmanship, which inspired us long ago to form our company and offer what our competitors do not; Trust, Respect, Affordability and Interest in your vision!

You deserve to have the best siding replacement professionals working on your home!