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If you already have a beautiful patio space, but want to find more ways to use it, one of the easiest changes you can make is installing an outdoor patio cover. A high-quality Renaissance patio cover can instantly make your outdoor living area more functional. Below, you’ll learn more about the benefits of installing an outdoor patio cover, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your home. 

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Extend Your Living Space

If you wish you had more space to entertain your friends and family, an outdoor patio cover is just what you need. Without a cover, your patio is a place that you can use only under the right circumstances. 

However, by adding a cover to the space, you can use the area throughout the year, while staying comfortable. To make your patio area even more inviting, consider setting up an outdoor dining set or comfortable chairs that encourage socializing. 

Improve Your Home Value

Do you plan to sell your Charlotte, NC, home over the next few years? Investing in your outdoor living space is the perfect way to boost your home value. Prospective buyers appreciate nice backyards, so updating your space to include a patio cover can help your home stand out among the competition. 

As far as home upgrades go, this is a relatively low-cost project, but it can have a significant impact. An updated patio space complete with a high-quality cover could be just the feature you need to get a higher offer for your home. 

Pretty open-air patio with cover

Help You Avoid Sun Damage

Too much time spent out in the sun can damage your skin and eyes. When you want to spend more time outside in the Charlotte, NC, area, but don’t want to risk excess UV exposure, having a patio cover can give you the best of both worlds. 

Our patio covers block out harmful UV rays, while still letting you enjoy all the benefits of being outside. 

Improve Your Aesthetics

If your patio area looks boring or outdated, sometimes all it takes is a few small changes to refresh it. Adding an outdoor patio cover is a great place to start, as it instantly adds a touch of elegance to your space. 

Beyond that, you can customize your space with the best patio cover materials, add some plants, throw pillows, and an outdoor rug to create a thoughtfully designed outdoor living area that looks fresh and new. With so many different patio parts and styles to choose form, we’re certain there is design perfect for your home!

Protect Your Outdoor Decor

Speaking of getting new outdoor decor for your patio, adding a cover to the space will help protect it from damage. Just like the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin, it can also take a toll on your outdoor furniture, causing it to fade or crack prematurely. Inclement weather like rain, snow, and high winds can also damage your furniture, making it hard to keep it clean. 

With an outdoor patio installed over your furniture and other decor items, your belongings will be protected from the elements so they’ll last longer. 

Help Keep Your Patio and Home Cooler

As your patio’s first line of defense against the sun, your cover will help keep the sun’s rays away from your patio, which helps to keep the space cooler. This not only makes it more enjoyable to use during the summer, but it can also benefit your energy bill. 

When your patio is covered, less sunlight can come into the back of your home. This helps to keep it at a more comfortable temperature without adjusting your thermostat. As a result, you might notice a decrease in your electricity costs.

Use Your Patio More

Without a cover, there’s no comfortable way to use your patio when it’s raining or windy. But, with an outdoor patio cover, you’ll be protected from the weather, so you can get more use out of your space. 

Just think, with a grill set up under your covered patio, you can grill burgers even when it’s raining!

Experience the Benefits of an Outdoor Patio Cover for Yourself

When you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits of an outdoor patio cover, our experts at SHS Pros are here for you. To learn more about our selection of high-quality Renaissance patio covers and to request a free estimate, please call us at 704-610-1942 or contact us online.