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SunPower® Equinox System

Goodbye piecemeal solar systems. Every part of the SunPower Equinox 
system is designed by one company to work better together.

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Leading organizations and discerning homeowners choose  SunPower® .

One Company
Built by SunPower® and backed by the industry’s only complete-system warranty.

Unrivaled Performance
SunPower® offers the highest efficiency panels available for more power in less space.

Minimalist Design
Fewer visible parts and no unnecessary hardware and utility boxes on exterior walls create a sleek look.

Optimized Power
Micro-inverters located behind each panel maximize energy production and minimize disruptions


 The SunPower Equinox System mounting system is also a sleek and powerful design. Each mounting system is purposefully built, minimulist design, and robust wire management.

Years Established

Homes Powered Per Year

Front-Contact Solar Cells

High-Efficiency Solar Panels
Among the industry’s highest commercially available  standard panel efficiency.

Superior Aesthetics
Sleek design and low-profile mounting system for a streamlined appearance.

Monitoring at Your Fingertips
Track performance and manage your system in real-time through mySunPower®.

Quality Assurance
Rigorous testing processes to ensure system reliability for years to come.

Better Solutions, Better Warranty
Most comprehensive solar warranty with 25 years for panels, microinverters and racking and 10 years for monitoring

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Back-Contact Solar Cells

22.8% Record Panel Efficiency
The industry’s highest commercially available standard panel efficiency

Unparalleled Durability
Stands up to even the harshest environments.

Lowest Degradation Rates
Proven through field testing of 800,000+ solar panels.

Smaller Footprint
High-efficiency panels produce more energy in less space.

Industry-Leading Warranty
SunPower® stands behind your entire system– no jumping through hoops