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SunPower® Authorized Dealer

Figure out why being a SunPower® Authorized Dealer makes us the best option for going solar here in the Charlotte-Metro Area.

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Find out why homeowners choose a SunPower® Authorized Dealer.

Why SunPower® Solar?

SunPower is the highest rated solar company in the U.S.

Since 1985, SunPower has helped homeowners reduce their electric bills and better the planet by providing the most efficient and reliable solar panels available.

With 37 years of industry experience and powering 7.5 million homes per year, SunPower is building a more sustainable future. Backed by TotalEnergies, SE – The fifth largest energy company in the world and the go-to choice of forward-thinking homeowners.


The world’s leading organizations and discerning homeowners choose SunPower as their solar provider. 18 out of 20 Top California homebuilders choose SunPower for 1,000+ active new home communities.

Years Established

Homes Powered Per Year

Not All Solar is Created Equal

We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality assurance. From our warehouse through installation on your roof, SunPower® products are required to meet comprehensive quality and reliability standards. Part Qualification Process Detailed quality review of each system component. Feel good knowing you went with SunPower Solar! Our supplier guidelines are committed to preventing forced labor within the solar supply chain. 

Better Solar. Better Financing. SunPower® is a premium solar + storage solution. That’s why major lenders back us with $1 billion worth of home solar financing. 

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SunPower® Solar


Enjoy the comforts of your home when the grid is down, power electric vehicles, and keep essentials running for longer are just a few ways you can enjoy your stored energy. Check out some of the other features!

InvisiMount® Mounting System

Our low-profile mounting system delivers sleek solar design that’s as beautiful as it is powerful. Purposefully Built While other providers mix and match mounting hardware, the InvisiMount mounting system is engineered to pair perfectly with SunPower® panels for superior results that last. Minimalist Design Low-profile InvisiMount mounting hardware produces a sleek look that complements any architectural style. Robust Wire Management While many installers rely on plastic zip ties, InvisiMount’s durable, metal wire management clips keep cables secure and out of sight.

SunVault™ Storage System

SunVault™ Storage System Integrates with our SunPower Equinox® System, creating the only home solar + storage solution designed and warranted by one company. Systems designed to work together, work better. Power When You Need It From rolling blackouts to lightning storms to simply spending more time at home— be the house on the block where the lights shine bright and the energy bills drop. Energy Independence Make your own clean energy, store the excess for peak times and power outages and break free from the power company’s grid games. Control Your Own Home Set your own power preferences, monitor system operation and watch your energy savings climb with intuitive mobile software. American Innovation and Craftsmanship All SunVault™ Storage Systems are proudly designed and assembled right here in the USA with premium, imported parts.

SunVault™ Batteries

SunVault™ Battery Power more of your home in an outage with superior battery chemistry. Energy Capacity Run your appliances at the same time during an outage. Our battery with SunVault™ storage handles power surges from large appliances with ease. More Charge Cycles SunPower® guarantees unlimited energy throughput and unlimited cycle count as well as more battery life than conventional storage systems. More Reliable Our unique battery system ensures greater reliability and stability across a wide range of weather conditions. Using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, it’s one of safest battery technologies on the market. Elegant, Simple Design Gain more energy storage with minimalist style. Less components, even with multiple batteries.

Hub+™ Backup Control System

Hub+™ Backup Control System Meet the brains behind this storage operation. Seamless Transitions Hub+™ automatically detects utility disruptions, so you can switch seamlessly to backup battery power without lifting a finger. In-depth Monitoring App Customize your settings and view real-time information on solar, storage and home energy use. Custom Backup Essentials Choose the appliances connected to backup power and customize your energy use—and comfort—in the event of an outage. Clean, Minimalist Aesthetic Streamlined design keeps all the electrical wires in the Hub+™, reducing the need for additional electrical boxes and equipment. Reduces Need for Main Panel Upgrades The Hub+™ is rated as a main service panel up to 200 amps, and in many cases the existing panel can be migrated into the Hub+

mySunPower® Monitoring

mySunPower® Monitoring By integrating seamlessly with your SunPower® solar + storage system, the mySunPower app puts the power to monitor system performance and control battery settings in the palm of your hand. Watch a demo of the app here. Monitor battery charge levels and customize storage settings on the fly. Track your system performance and electricity use by day, month and year. Watch your system work in real time and easily see if you’re drawing power from the grid, solar or your battery.