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When you’re thinking about replacing the windows throughout your home, it can be hard to know where to begin. Which windows should you choose and how much should you plan to spend? Which material is the right choice for your home? Your local window contractor, SHS Pros is here to help. 

Continue reading this window guide to learn about the most important things to consider when buying replacement windows. 

Window Type 

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is the type of windows you want to install. Here’s a quick look at the most common windows that Charlotte homeowners choose:

  • Single-hung: Has a fixed upper sash, while the lower sash slides up and down. 
  • Double-hung: Both the upper and lower sashes slide up and down for more venting.
  • Fixed: The sash is permanently fixed in place. Examples include bay and picture windows.
  • Casement: Has a sash mounted on a vertical pivot so you can swing it open.
  • Sliding: Has one fixed sash and one that slides along a horizontal track so you can slide it open.

When making your decision, think about how you plan to use your windows around your home in addition to what you want them to look like. 


Next, you’ll need to decide which material to choose. Vinyl frames are a popular option because they look great for years and they’re relatively inexpensive. Fiberglass windows are also popular. They have the look of beautiful wood-framed windows, but they’re much more durable. Although, keep in mind that fiberglass windows are a bit more expensive. We can also install aluminum-clad windows for anyone looking for an extra durable frame.


Along those same lines, remember that replacement windows are an investment. You want to choose an option that won’t need to be replaced again a few years down the road. As we mentioned above, both vinyl and fiberglass windows are designed with durability in mind. But beyond that, make sure you choose a tempered or laminated glass that won’t break easily. 


When you’re planning your project, the type of pane you choose will play a part in how much you should budget. Generally speaking, single-pane windows are the most budget-friendly option, while double- and triple-pane windows are more expensive. 

However, single-pane windows don’t offer as much insulation. We usually recommend that Charlotte homeowners opt for double-pane windows, which are a mid-range option that can help you save on energy costs, so you can recoup some of your money. 

Window Contractor

The final decision you’ll need to make is which window contractor to hire for the job. To make your decision a bit easier, take some time to research local contractors, looking through their portfolio of recent projects, reading reviews from past customers, etc. 

It’s also a good idea to look for a contractor that has gone through specialized training to ensure they are the best team for the job. Here at SHS Pros, we’re proud to be a Pella Certified Contractor, which is the manufacturer’s highest certification. This gives you peace of mind that we know the ins and outs of Pella products and how to install them safely and efficiently. 

Upgrade Your Windows Today

After reading through this replacement window guide, we hope you feel more prepared to get started with your project. We service the Charlotte area for window installation and replacement services, including nearby cities like Matthews, Belmont, and Pineville. When you’re ready to take the next step, your local window contractor, SHS Pros, is here to guide you through the process with ease. Contact us today for more information.